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  Crickets - 1,000 count - Free Priority Mail Shipping
Only $39.96
On SALE for only $32.96
Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  Copper Bluebird Mealworm Feeder
Only $29.99
On SALE for only $26.99

  Birds'n Blooms 1000 pcs - Jigsaw Puzzle - Free Shipping
Only $20.99
Free Shipping and Handling applies to this puzzle.
  Summers Bluebird - Ornament
Only $19.99
Free Shipping applies to this Bluebird Ornament
  Dried Mealworms 100 Gram (3,250+/-) - Free Shipping
Only $18.99
On SALE for only $18.79
The more you buy, the better the price.
  Window View Birdhouse
Only $12.99
Quantity Pricing Applies
  Chickadee House Kit
Only $11.99
Quantity Pricing Applies
  Wren House Kit
Only $11.99
Quantity Pricing Applies
  Ultimate Bluebird House
Only $38.95

  Suet Plugs-Fruit and Nut
Only $3.19

  Songbird Suet Plugs – Hot Pepper
Only $3.19

  Wren House
Only $17.99

  Bluebird Box - Viewing Top
Only $26.99

  8 QT Seed Container ...Woodlink
Only $12.99

  Vita Bug Crickets - 1,000 Count - Free Overnight Shipping
Only $49.97
A Premium Line of Food for your Reptiles.
  Easy Water - Free Shipping
Only $23.79
On SALE for only $21.69
Free Shipping
  Songbird Cedar Post Mount Bluebird Feeder
Only $23.95
On SALE for only $20.95

  Live Mealworms - 3/8" to 5/8" - 1000 Count - Free Priority Mail
Only $25.99
On SALE for only $24.99
Free Shipping
  Crickets - 1,000 count - Free Overnight Shipping
Only $44.98
Includes Free Overnight Shipping
  BirdWatcher's Choice Mealworms - Canned Mealworms -Free Shipping
Only $21.99
On SALE for only $18.99
Check out the Quantity Pricing - See Below
  Birdwatcher's Choice WaxWorms - Canned Wax Worms
Only $10.19
Canned Mealworms for feeding Bluebirds
  Coles Nutberry Suet Blend - 10 lbs.
Only $24.99

  Superworms - Medium - 1,000 ct - Free Priority Mail Shipping
Only $45.99
On SALE for only $42.99

  Toskana SunJet 150 Mini Solar Pump Kit
Only $57.99

  8 oz. Clear Instant Hummingbird Food
Only $3.29

  Red Peanut Feeder
Only $28.99

  17" Green Spiral Thistle Feeder
Only $25.99

  Super Spiral 18" Sunflower Feeder / Twirl A Squirrel Combo
Only $79.99
Keep the squirrels away with this Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
  17” Green Spiral Sunflower Feeder
Only $24.99
More Ports Means More Birds
  Bluebird Nuggets Plus - 27 oz. - Free Shipping
Only $14.99
On SALE for only $13.95
High Energy Suet Base for feeding Bluebirds
  HummZinger® Excel, 16oz Hanging Feeder
Only $18.99
On SALE for only $17.49

  Cajun Cardinal 5 lbs.
Only $16.99
On SALE for only $15.99
Not only Cardinals, but chickadess, titmice, woodpeckers, and bluebirds enjoy Cajun Cardinal
  Original Dr. JB's 16 oz Hummingbird Feeder
Only $22.95

  17" Copper Spiral Thistle Feeder
Only $35.96

  Water Wiggler without Sensor.....Birdbath agitator.
Only $21.99
Attract more birds to your Birdbath with a Water Wiggler birdbath agitator.
  Butterfly Bingo (Ages 3 to Adult)
Only $11.99

  Avant Garden Looking Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Only $23.99
On SALE for only $20.99

  Cedar Bluebird House
Only $27.99
On SALE for only $26.49
Made in the U.S.A.
  Bluebird House Kit
Only $11.99
Build a Bluebird House
  Hummer Helper Cage and Nesting Material
Only $12.99
On SALE for only $10.99

  Live Mealworms - 3/8" to 5/8" - 2000 Count - Free Priority Mail
Only $35.49
On SALE for only $31.96


    Description Price
1.   Live Waxworms - 250 Count Cup - Free Overnight Shipping
Item No. WW250
2.   Wax Worms Bulk 500ct
Item No. WAXB-500COUNT
3.   Live Waxworms - 1000 Count - Free Overnight Shipping
Item No. WAXB1
4.   Live Waxworms - 5000 Count - Free Overnight Shipping
Item No. WW5000
5.   3 Bags of Mealworm Bedding - 4 lb Bag - Free Shipping
Item No. MWBED4
6.   Saturday Overnight Delivery
Item No. SaturdayOvernight
7.   Birdwatcher's Choice WaxWorms - Canned Wax Worms
Item No. TIM4054
All prices in US Dollars

SHIPPING OF WAXWORMS - FREE SHIPPING (Price shown is Delivered Price)

Some Wax worms are shipped Overnight and some Waxworms are shipped via Ground that takes 2 to 3 days.

If will not be home at time of delivery, consider having the waxworms shipped to your worksite or to a neighbor.:
Otherwise, During extreme heat conditions, you may want to leave a cold chest(keep above 40 F), or during extreme cold conditions leaving an insulated chest with a Note asking that your Live Waxworm Shipment be placed in the chest (container).

For a tempting, tasty treat, there is nothing like a soft, juicy waxworm. These soft-bodied waxworms top off a diverse diet like nothing else.
Waxworms are the larval stage of the Greater Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella).
Waxworms are a food choice of bluebirds and other birds.
Waxworms are used as Fish Bait, expecially for members of the sunfish family, a food source for sugar gliders and other reptiles.

The Waxworms we ship can be stored for a couple of weeks if kept at 55 F.
55 F is the ideal temperature; however, most refrigerators are a little colder than this. Often the butter tray on the door of your refrigerator is the best place to come close to this temperature.
It is better to keep waxworms at room temp with low humidity than it is to store them in a refrigerator that is colder than 40 F.
The Waxworms have entered a stage in their life cycle where they no longer consume food. The Waxworms are living off the fat supplies in their bodies. This means you'll see them growing smaller the longer you keep them.

BUY Waxworms, Mealworms, and Superworms at August Springs Online Store, LLC.

All our Live Products ship from a different Location than our other products; therefore, you will receive two shipments if you mix Live and Non-Live items on your order.


Moisture - 62.6%, Protein - 15.8%

Fat - 20.4%, Ash - 0.8%, Ther - 0.4%

have for sale.

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